About Us

Houses Directory was created with the purpose of offering a platform where homeowners and sellers can post their properties to sale or rent. 

We avoid charging monthly fees and try to keep our business model as simple as possible. Everyone can post their property for free here and only pay if they want it marked as urgent or premium. 

The urgent and premium flags last forever and there is no need to renew them.

Potential buyers and tenants can search through the property listings and contact the real estate agents or the owners of the properties. It is important for sellers to be able to list their properties easily and smoothly armed with plenty of photos and details.

For buyers and tenants, the ease of use is in navigating the properties through searching locations and finding aesthetically-pleasing homes to purchase or rent and within their affordability.

It could be a house, an apartment or flat or land for sale, you name it, the Houses Directory can have it listed and available for viewing. It’s as easy as that, when it comes to successfully marketing your property when you’re looking to sell.

Agents are welcome to list their properties.

We aim to continue delivering exceptional quality services and help sellers find buyers and landlords find tenants.